25.12.2018 tarixindən etibarən sərnişinlər Bakı Beynəlxalq Avtovağzalının kassaları ilə yanaşı, Nizami 126a ünvanında yerləşən “Silkway” turizm şirkətinin kassalarından da öncədən bilet əldə edə bilərlər.

 Baku International Bus Terminal

Baku International Bus Terminal, which has no analogues in the CIS, has been operating since February 2009. Baku International Bus Terminal is constantly improving the quality and the coverage area of the passenger transportation services provided to the customers since the very first days of operating. At the moment the regular bus races from Baku to all regions of our republic and to the various cities of Russian Federation, Iran, Turkey and Georgia operate. Additionally, four modern and all-inclusive buses with a comfortable daily routing are sent to Baku-Nakhchivan route to help our compatriots living in the blockade of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

Baku International Bus Terminal uses the most up-to-date information and communication technologies and software to automate processes for high-quality passenger transportation service. At present, the automated, centralized database has been created for buses ticket sales. In order to further improve the service level of passengers, the Online ticketing system was launched in November 2013.

Every bus is passing technical and medical examination and is completely washed and cleaned prior to departure from Baku International Bus Terminal.

The replacement of the small buses and mini-buses operating on the domestic routes from Baku International Bus Terminal to the regions of our Republic with comfortable high capacity buses is continuing. During 2011 we have replaced the minibuses operating at Baku - Lenkoran, Baku - Astara, Baku - Khachmaz, Baku - Guba routes with 28, 40 and 49 seated comfortable Temsa buses equipped with air conditioning made in Turkey and operated by the various private companies. Baku International Bus Terminal will continue the process of replacement of the mini-buses by the high-capacity and comfortable buses operating at the various routes.
Baku International Bus Terminal
Baku, Azerbaycan Republic, AZ1117 Sumqait highway, 3-rd km Phone: +994 12 406 01 58/59 e-mail: info@bbak.az